Copper Creek Candles, Inc.
"Specializing in candles made the old fashioned way!"
About Us
About who we are...
We are a local business that believes in the quality of hand made products.  "We specialize in candles made the old fashioned way!"  You will find no other candle has the quality, fragrance or longevity that a Copper Creek Candle has.

How did the candles get started?
I was a candle maker as a kid back in the seventies.  It was a hobby that I enjoyed as child.  I can remember getting a candle making kit for my birthday and that is what really hooked me.  Before I knew it, I would be melting crayons and letting them harden in crude home made molds.  I remember making candles out of crayons and old tennis shoe laces back then.  They were made for the ouija board that me, my sister Jaye and good friend Tonya would play with in her basement. (No,I am not a satanist, nor will ever will be!  Remember this was the early seventies!) They sputtered and spat but they certainly created the spooky feeling that we were trying to create in that cold, dark basement of Tonya's.  What a riot!

I got out of the candlemaking hobby as I got older. Then a few years back I got another candlemaking kit for Christmas.  It all came flooding back to me.  It all came back to me how much I really enjoyed creating candles.  I was hooked all over again.  Being an adult now I realized that I could not make candles with crayons and old tennis shoe laces.   I bought more than a few books, did extensive research and experimenting on how to create the perfect candle.  Let me tell you, there were many, many times I wanted to throw everything out the window and had more than a few cuss words to go along with it. I didn't let the mistakes get me down.  I had to look at them as a learning tool.  Which I did, I stuck with it and finally came up with a product that I am very proud of.

What's with the nun sniffing the flower?
How can you capture a sniff?  When I found this picture, I thought that it captured the essence of sniffing something great.  It just so happens to be a nun sniffing a flower.  I thought it was cute and got the message across that sniffs were a good thing.  When we first started this company, we thought we need something to attract people's attention.  We starting by saying to people "Would you like a free sniff?".  From there we most always got a positve response.  People seemed to always get a chuckle out of the free sniff question.  We stuck with that and it has become our trademarked saying.

Time to time people will comment on our logo. Most think it's cute, but there are times we get negative responses to it.  Let me say this.  There is no disrespect meant to nuns, priests, the pope or the Roman Catholic faith. 

My personal statement about what I do:
"I am not in this business for fame, popularity or wealth;  I simply enjoy what I do.  The fact that I can do what I love for a living amazes me."

I would encourage everyone to follow your heart and do what you love.  Life is too short to be unhappy in what you do.  If you have faith in God and yourself, you can do it!