Copper Creek Candles, Inc.
"Specializing in candles made the old fashioned way!"
Our Products
Old Fashioned Quality

We are a local business that believes in the quality of hand made products. "We specialize in candles made the old fashioned way!"  You will find no other candle has the quality, fragrance or longevity that a Copper Creek Candle has.
What makes a Copper Creek Candle soy special?
Each candle is hand poured with attention to detail
All candles are triple scented!
Lead wicks are never used!
Our candles are 100% usable, when burning a Copper Creek candle, no wax is wasted!
Our 12 oz candles will last a minimum of 100 hours!
Jar is 100% recyclable, use jar as a vase for flowers, a drinking vessel, a handy pen holder on your desk!
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We also have votive candles!
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Now made with Soy! 
Soy wax burns cleaner, longer and is earth friendly!
Over 30 different scents to choose from.  We offer everything from your holiday scents to what is new and trendy.  Take a look!